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We are offering top notch digital marketing services and foreign exchange market trading courses & Live Signals




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How many people use the internet? As of January 2023, Nearly 5.3 billion people were active internet users, constituting 65 percent of the global population.

The Internet is now trillion-dollar Industry. People are investing significant amounts of money to acquire knowledge and earn on the internet. However, Most of them failed to earn money. Freelancing is not a single skill; it involves a combination of skills required to work in the online markets as a self-employed individual. Nevertheless, it is possible to earn money by becoming highly proficient in a skill that is in demand.

Now, let's get to the point.

The experts at Rainbow have developed a dynamic software advertising platform and offer forex trading courses where anyone can learn basic to advanced skills required in this field.

This platform will guide you on how to start earning by acquiring sufficient knowledge. We believe that your smartphone can serve a purpose beyond entertainment; it can become a source of income and provide you with a new way of living.

We offer free training, tutorials, and webinars to our users to help them learn how to use the platform effectively. Devoting some time of focused attention can be sufficient to grasp the entire journey.

So, to access this dynamic platform, get started today."


Ads Pricing

Advertiser’s packages : Choose the most convenient package for your Business.

Pay To Click-PTC/Cash Links Ad

Start From $5

Traffic Exchange/Website Credits

Start From $5

Login Ads

Start From $5

Biz Directory

Start From $5

Banner Ads

Start From $2

Text Ads

Start From $2

Pay Per Click-PPC/CPM Ads

Start From $5

Start Page

Start From $2

Reward Media Ads

Per Slot $50



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Courses and Reward Media

Select the best program from available four dynamic project according to your choice

Reward Media Ads

$50/= Per Slot


  • 4000 Banner Ad Credits
  • 700 Website Surf Ad Credits
  • 300 Biz Directory Credits
  • 00 PPC/CPM Ad Credits
  • 4000 Text Ad Credits
  • Revenue Reward Program Participation
  • Surfing Required 10 Ads Daily
  • Free 20 Ad Credits Daily for Surfing
  • Personal Manager : Dedicated Live Support
  • Daily Reward Sharing
  • 10% Referral Commission
  • Re-purchase for more ads&reward
  • Starter Ads Bonus
  • Affiliate Leaderboard
  • Ads  Points Credited Instantly

Forex Fundamental Course


Reward Subscription

  • FX Trading Strategic Books
  • Forex video's on Basic, Technical, Fundamental, psychology, sentiments and price actions
  • Live Trading Room Access
  • Certification After Course Completion
  • Participate Professional Trader Competition
  • Trading Performance Revenue Reward Program Participation
  • Advertising Credits
  • Trading Performance Access
  • Live Conference Access
  • Trading Days Reward Sharing
  • 10% Referral Commission
  • Re-purchase option to Learn/earn more
  • Affiliate Leaderboard
  • Life Time Telegram Group Education
  • Rainbow Recommended Trading Server

Professionals Trade Signals

£9/= Per/M

E-mail/Telegram Live Alert

  • 3/5 Quality Gold Scalping Signals Daily
  • 1/2 Gold Swing Trade Signals
  • NO VPS/VPN Server Required
  • No EA Software Installation Required
  • Get Signals in real Time on Email/Telegram
  • We Recommend 0.01 Lot Size for per $100 Trading Balance
  • Professional Risk Management of the Account
  • Trading Account 100% in Your Control
  • 10+ Years’ experience on Gold Trading
  • 80% Win Rate & 300% Account Growth Track Record
  • Get Signals As we Trade our Live Ac
  • Life Time Telegram Group Education
  • Any Broker Acceptable
  • Highly Regulated Broker: Click Here
  • Cancel Anytime Subscription

Auto Trade Copy/Signals

£15/= Per/M

+30% Performance Profits

  • 3/5 Quality Gold Scalping Daily
  • 1/2 Gold Swing Trade
  • NO VPS/VPN Server Required
  • No EA Software Installation Required
  • Just Connect Your MT4/MT5 Ac in Our Cloud Based site
  • Trade will trigger Auto Open/Close, SL/TP
  • Adjust LOT/Trade size as per Balance
  • Professional Risk Management of the Account
  • Trading Account 100% in Your Control
  • 10+ Years’ experience on Gold Trading
  • 80% Win Rate & 300% Account Growth Track Record
  • Life Time Telegram Group Education
  • Any Broker Acceptable
  • Highly Regulated Broker: Click Here
  • Cancel Anytime Subscription


About Rainbow

Rainbow Group has gained worldwide renown due to its successful multi-venture global projects spanning 13 years. Over the past six years, we have dedicated our efforts to researching and collecting data to create Every measure and step have been meticulously considered to transform these innovative ideas into a success story for future generations. stands as one of the most dynamic digital advertising platforms, survey companies, Forex education providers, professional trading signal providers, and sources of daily trading tips and analysis. It operates in more than 120+ countries, all with a clear vision in mind. is designed to offer top-quality trading education and advertising services at affordable costs. Our "Reward Media Ads" and trading performance rewards have propelled our business to the next level for our subscribers. is a global open venture, and our advertising and reward-sharing strategies have been carefully implemented to ensure a mutually beneficial experience over the long term. A group of good people can make a significant difference, and Rainbow VIP is run by the users, for the users.

Our TeamA group of dynamic, experienced people is working behind this project around the world. Soon, we will reveal their details publicly to be acknowledged. Our server maintenance team is based in the USA, working 24/7 to maintain the uptime and security of our sites. Software and graphics are designed, marketing and global branding, website maintenance, and a quality customer support team are located in the UK and India, working tirelessly.


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