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We are in Love with computers and internet. As a global company Rainbow Group is now in 7 years of operations with multi ventures project.

We are looking for suitable candidates for our new innovative digital project called ‘’’’

It’s a digital advertising platform and survey company running more than 200+ countries.

So, at the moment we are looking for-


Ø  Country Director Position 1 person for each country,

Ø  Divisional Manager 1 person for each division

Ø  District manager for each city of the country

Ø  Graphics Designer, Photo Shop, Video Editing

Ø  Website back office management.

Ø  Customer Support Representative

Ø  Professional Trainer & Presenter


Required Skills and Experiences:

1.    Worked in marketing department at least 2 years.

2.    Worked in a network marketing company.

3.    Love networking and making new friends.

4.    Understand the Direct selling concept

5.    Full understanding of affiliate marketing and referral marketing concept.

6.    Active in social network.

7.    Good communication skills.

8.    Working as part of team.

9.    Problem solver, work with own initiative.

10.  Leadership skills.

11.  Eager to learn new things, good listener, exploring and curious.

12.  For IT Related Post you must have relevant work experiences.

If you think you are best suit for the positions and like to be part of our global team. Please send your CV at:

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