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You can target campaigns based on location, device, operation system and browser.
Rainbow VIP maintains a high level of quality sites for our advertisers to place ads on. All websites are reviewed by machine learning software automatially and approved alomost instantly but in certain cases checked by a member of our ad operation team for approval into our website. If your site doesn't meet certain criteria we will contact you with the reason why it was declined.
Simply sign up on our website using the Sign-up Form ''JOIN NOW'' Button. Review our Advertiser’s Terms and Conditions and fund your account to start a campaign.
Rainbow VIP gives some free advertising credits to test its systems anyone sign up as free and advertisers can start advertising with as little as $1.
Affiliate Members
We don't think you need to open more than one account. It is possible to cater and fulfill all your needs and dream from one account. So, Its strictly allocated one user for one account.
You have to deactivate ad-block from your browser settings.
Its not fixed the amount of money you can make from Its depend upon the performance and efforts you are going to put in Rainbow VIP.

As an affiliate you have multiples souces available to make earnings and the new avenunes of earning ways been added every other day for our affiliates. We are unique in the market as because the whole system of Rainbow Group works solely done by the members for the members. The amount revenue generated by our platform and others projects, goes to all members according to their peromoance after the admisistration cost.

*Some of the income streams is given below in brief.

1. Getting Paid just watching Cash Link PTC Ads from 0.005c to 0.02 cents USD Approximately.
2. 100% Commissions on your Referrals click on Cash Link PTC Ads.
3. 26% Commission by selling any ads to advertisers.
4. Earn Revenue in every hour for buying Reward Media Advertising Plan upto 110% to 120% depending upon the Pack Size and Residual income on re-purchase from your earnings.
5. Referral Commissions 10% to 12 % for Reward Media Pack Selling to yours Direct Referrals and commission from their re-purchase as well.
6. Earn 55% from FX Education Memberships up 10 Level and 10% to 32% every month for reward for FX Education Course Plan.
7. You also have the opportunity to earn money from Rainbow Group Products, for eg. E-commerce Site, Travel Agency, News Media Site, Online Academy etc.

If you would like to know more details how much you can earn as a Rainbow VIP Affiliate, Please feel free to contact us.
And Watch the Presentaion BOM:
Yes. You may absolutely invite friends and family to use our services. Each account must have its ability to provide own KYC docs for his identification, email address, and payment processor account. But a person can not have more than one account on his own name.
Simply sign up on our website as an Affiliate by clicking join now form. Then use the promo tools available in the back office to promote Rainbow VIP to your friends and family, social media and many others sources you feel potential and and you get paid for your referrals each and every actions.
*Built in promo tools, Banners, Landing Page, Splash Page, Invite friend in Tell friend program, Unique Referral Link, URL Shortener.
*Lifetime Commission from their Referral, So, Thay just done the job once and get paid over and over again.
* Travel Incentives.
*Leadership Ranks Achievement.
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